Calling all want to be Lords and Ladies along with other merry folk the New York Renaissance Faire is look for you. Last month we told you that the Faire was back for 2021 and now it is time for you to think about not just attending the fun but being part of it.

There are so many places you could work this summer. The help wanted signs are up all over town in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Newburgh and Middletown but why not travel to jolly old England in Tuxedo. Working at the New York Renaissance Faire is more than a job it is a daily trip back in time to a world full of Lords, Ladies, Knights, Kings and Queen plus all the merry folk and fairies who work and live around village.

Become a Lord, a lady or another member of the cast

On June 19th and 20th the New York Renaissance Faire will be holding live auditions to be a member of their 2021 cast. They are also accepting video auditions. They are lookin for singers, musicians, dancers, comedy and improv actors plus martial artists and SAFD combatants (people who can stage combat)

Photo Credit: Chuck Merrihew
Photo Credit: Chuck Merrihew

What Other Kind of Jobs do they offer?

There are many different jobs throughout the Faire. You can work in food and beverage service. There are people who greet the guests and sell tickets. They have jobs around the ground and the parking areas. Plus you could work in the market place as a salesperson or a hawker for the vendors. And even though they have knights they still need New York State Licensed Security guards.

Can You make good Money?

Sure there are lots of days to work at the Faire. This year they open August 21st and run through October 3rd. It is Saturdays and Sundays plus Labor days so it won't interfere with your 9 to 5 job. The wages and hours vary depending on what you are doing but where else can you make money while dressed in Medieval attire and having fun.

How do you apply?

You need to go to the job fair when it is announced later this month in the meantime your can download the application you will need to bring with you along with the other requirements to work at the Faire.

Tour New York Renaissance Faire

The New York Renaissance Faire is one of the Hudson Valley's most favorite Summer traditions. The excitement can not be captured in pictures but these photos will at least give you some idea of what to expect. Lords, Ladies and merriment of all kinds awaits for the person who attends this festival of fun and frolic as you can see in these photos taken by Hudson Valley photographer Chuck Merrihew.

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