So many government buildings are anonymous looking and blend right in to what ever neighborhood they are located in.  Others, stand out and "pop" and demand your attention.

But we can't always tell which building has a great history or back story to it or not.

Here is a random selection of ten Upstate New York buildings that definitely have quite a background profile.  These ten are in big cities and small villages.  They represent such government entities as post offices, city halls, county courthouses, firehouses, etc.

On this list you will find the story of The Three Bears in tiny Ovid, N.Y.  You wont see anything like these three similar buildings grouped together anywhere else in the United States.  And why were the windows of the Buffalo City Hall so groundbreaking when the building went up in 1930?  Hey, it makes sense to me.  And take a look at a small neighborhood 1925 firehouse that one writer called "the most beautiful firehouse in Upstate New York."

And while we are at it, what famous person lay in state inside the courthouse in Elizabethtown, N.Y., on December 56, 1859.  Yup, I didn't know that either!

It is my hope that this short article will encourage you to look around (and ask) when you visit a small town r village in Upstate New York on your next road trip.  You just never know what went on in the halls of some of our very old government buildings.  The stories are great.

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