Well, this isn't good. An upstate man who was practicing using a bow and arrow got more than he bargained for after his practice session went awry. Now, the 28 year-old is in some hot water. Fortunately, no one was hurt, though some nearby neighbors are going to have to fix one of the walls in their house.

Seneca Falls Police say the man was practicing his shot at a target Thursday afternoon when "an equipment malfunction" caused the arrow to shoot. Instead of hitting the intended marked target, the arrow went sailing into a house wall. Police say once they arrived after a complaint, they found the arrow "embedded into the exterior wall of a house."

No, this guy isn't exactly a William Wallace or a Jon Snow here. There is no word if anyone was in the house when this happened. Though we can only imagine the shock if you were sitting in your living room, minding your business, and an arrow suddenly comes sailing out of no where and through one of your walls. That would probably not be very pleasant.

The Fayette NY man ended up being arrested, according to Syracuse.com.  Police say there is an ordinance (146-4) in the Town of Seneca Falls that prohibits the use of any bow within the old village limits. The man was charged with discharge of firearms and weapons.

According to Step Outside, there are a number of archery ranges within the area, so it uncertain why the man choose to practice his skills so close to another home.

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