Gee, thanks a lot dad. An attempted escape by snowmobile not only landed one New York state man behind bars, but his son as well. Thing is, the son didn't even attempt to flee police that particular night. How did this happen? According to officials, both the father and son share the same name  And apparently, they also share the same knack for breaking the law, according to law enforcement. This could get a little awkward.

The sheriff's office says they tried to stop a 50-year-old man riding a snowmobile Tuesday night. The chase lead off the main road, as the suspect took the snowmobile through the backwoods and countryside, and eventually into a housing development. When police finally caught up with the snowmobile, they found the vehicle parked in the driveway of a local home. This must be their guy, right?

As it turns out, officials ended up finding a 26-year-old man from Lee, NY, who they mistakenly identified as the driver of the escaped snowmobile. However, it looks like Junior has an active warrant out from another town, according to police says both men turned themselves in at the sheriff’s office Thursday, The father was issued five tickets and released. The son was taken to the Oneida County Jail for the other unspecified crime, according to police. Must run in the family?

In other news, you may remember one of your family members jokingly say they're going to watch where they walk on the sidewalks when you first got your driver's license. More than likely, of course, you never had any intention of actually driving on the sidewalks. Well, this guy did, according to police. Now, this rather smug-looking gentleman is facing quite a few charges, including felonies.

You can see his mugshot on the CBS page right here. He looks like proud of himself.

Police say they spotted the man driving a damaged vehicle with multiple flat tires Monday afternoon. CBS says that the 21-year-old Albany man was also hitting utility boxes and even driving up on sidewalks. There is no word whether or not if he was driving under the influence, or just out to cause general mayhem that particular day. CBS says that he eventually lead officials on a pursuit that took them on to I-87.

The chase finally ended when the vehicle he was driving was too damaged to go any further. the man is now facing a number of charges, including reckless driving.

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