Do you live in one of New York's most boring towns? According to recent research, the most boring town in the state is Westchester County's Briarcliff Manor. The folks at have compiled data that leads them to believe these are the hubs of boredom statewide.

  1. Briarcliff Manor
  2. Rye Brook
  3. Irvington
  4. Croton-On-Hudson
  5. Chestnut Ridge

Four of the top five are in Westchester County while the fifth, Chestnut Ridge, is in Rockland County. Roadsnacks draws a direct correlation in their data from the percentage of old people in the local population to how boring they are. Old equals boring, right? Apparently, they think that's the case.

U.S. Census data was used to compile the list, with towns of at least 5,000 residents taken into consideration. The higher percentage of the population over 35, married and with children all increased a town's boredom score (among other factors). Because let's face it, when you're married and over 35, maybe with a few kids, you just don't go out like you used to. And maybe it's OL to be a little boring at that point.

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