Have you ever been judged by the music you listen to? A school here in New York is taking it one step further and claims you could be a psycho. We all have different music tastes. With our favorite songs easily available at our fingertips it's so easy to enjoy an eclectic variety of tunes.

If someone were to look at my recently played songs from my phone they would most likely think I'm a nut job. I wouldn't even argue with them. One minute you're into The Killers, Enya and then you want to get your GWAR fix in. Who hasn't been there?


Iurii Kryvenko

However, can scientists prove you have psychopathic traits by a specific genre or an individual song you enjoy? According to The Guardian, researchers at The New York University have determined just that.

In pop culture people like to use Hannibal Lecter as the go to psychopath. His dark and quiet demeanor  is chilling especially when it's accompanied by peaceful classical music. Is that truly the case?

The study actually showed that people who listen to hip-hop actually have more psychopathic tendencies.

Here are the two songs that bring the crazy out.

"No Diggity" - Blackstreet

 "Lose Yourself" - Eminem

If these songs are your jam we're going to have to keep our distances. Is it just me, or do these songs seem very non-threatening compared to other hip-hop songs? Well, we can't turn our back on scientific data. What do you think?