I can't believe people actually keep this item in such an unsafe place.

We are hearing more and more horror stories about people getting scammed or having their banking or credit card accounts hacked. Unfortunately it is that time of the year where scammers and thieves know people are shopping more. Many people shop online and it is important to protect your personal information when sharing it on the internet. It is also the time of the year when more and more people will be shopping at large stores. Thieves know that wallets and purses will be everywhere. If you keep certain documents on your person you can open yourself up not just to having your money stolen but your identity as well.

According to the New York State Department of Financial Services, we have seen an increasing threat of identity theft since 2021.

Here are some ways to help avoid identity theft during the holidays.

Get a free credit report often from a secure site.

Keep your Social Security card, birth certificate, passports, bills and other important documents in a safe location.

Keep photo copies of these documents.

Shred old documents like bills and pay stubs.

Don't leave these types of documents visible at work.

Memorize personal identification numbers like your social security number and ATM pin.

You should also report lost or stolen cards immediately.

Where do yo keep your important documents like you social security card, birth certificate or bank information? Experts recommend you keep these items in a safe or small fireproof lockbox.

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