If you went to go see The Hugh Jackman Circus Musical In Which He Wears A Top Hat, aka Wolverine 4, aka The Greatest Showman, you may have noticed some familiar locations. The Greatest Showman is just one of many recent films to take advantage of the recent incentives New York has put in place to attract Hollywood productions to the area, and it's paying off.

Two movies this holiday season, The Greatest Showman and The Post, spent at least part of their productions in New York. In doing so, they put in about $108 million into New York's economy. Thousands of New Yorkers were hired for both films and they both utilized in-state businesses and industries for a variety of different reasons, like car rentals, production supplies, lodging and more.

And it's not stopping there. The upcoming thriller A Quiet Place with filmed in the Hudson Valley, and there are sure to be more to come. Heck, even movies that didn't film in New York are trying to pretend they were, so I can bet we'll see more movies - and more economy-boosting - in the near future.

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