One Hudson Valley fire department is making headlines after saving a pup and turning him into the main character and turning a bad situation into a great one.

We spoke with Timothy Dexter, Assistant Chief, from the City of Newburgh who shared the heartwarming story of Nick the Firedog. Dexter explained that the City of Newburgh Fire Department rescued Nick after they received a few calls about a dog who had been left tied up outside back in 2017.

Nick the Firedog is a community favorite, but gained popularity after Dexter took to TikTok and shared Nick's story. One of the thousands of viewers commented and suggested turning Nick's story into a children's book.

And that's exactly what Timothy Dexter did.

After 18 months of hard work, Dexter released The True Story of Nick the Firedog. The book was published back on July 8th. Here's a blurb from Amazon about the book:

 An abused pitbull puppy was left abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant a block away from a firehouse in Newburgh, NY. The firefighters found the puppy and adopted him. He became a local celebrity helping to raise funds for other unfortunate animals and help teach children about fire safety. Nick has his own facebook page and people come from all over to visit him at the firehouse. Nick's story shows how what may look like the worst day can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The True Story of Nick the Firedog is available now on Amazon. 


If you're interested in meeting the adorable Nick the Firedog, he will be doing a book signing in Newburgh on August 8th at Oliver and Chatfield on 42 Liberty Street in Newburgh. There will be food trucks and beer thanks to Newburgh Brewery.  Of course the author, Timothy Dexter will be on hand too. Nick will be signing PAW-tographs and copies of the book will be on sale as well.

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