In this day and age of high technology have libraries become obsolete? I sure hope not.

I think they are still popular, although they’ve had to change with the times. One popular Hudson Valley library branch has found itself in a bit of a jam, and they’re trying to figure out what their next move should be. And it all came about suddenly and unexpectedly.

When I was a kid growing up in Newburgh, a trip to the library was the norm for our family. We went at least once a week, sometimes twice. I remember spending what felt like hours there, picking out books to take home and read. We’d leave with shopping bags full of books and the anticipation of reading about new adventures.

Libraries and books were a big part of my young life, and I’d hate to think that kids today may not get to experience that.

Right now, the Town of Newburgh Branch of the Newburgh Library System is trying to figure out their next move after being told that they would no longer be able to operate out of their current location at the Newburgh Mall. According to a post on the Library’s Facebook page, the library has been told that Oct. 31 will be the last day in their current location. They say that the mall management has offered them space at the opposite end of the mall, but they did not anticipate having to relocate therefore they did not budget a move and a renovation of rental space. Both locations would need extensive renovation.

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So, the future of the library branch is in a kind of limbo while they try to figure out what would be their best course of action. The post also mentioned that they plan time to weigh their options and that they will make a decision by the end of this month. If you got any questions or suggestions, the Facebook post says you can call the library. And here is the exact quote from the post… “If you have questions, suggestions or a boat load of money you would like to offer us - please call 845-563-3605.” We hope they find a quick and easy solution and look forward to visiting them in their new location.

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