Everyone loves a good toy. You may not have had all the toys you wanted as a kid but you probably at least had a few that were your favorite.

I learned that even though people grow up and their interest change most people still have a toy or two from their childhood. Toys are great things to keep your mind busy. Play is a great stimulator for the brain.

So my question is, do you still have toys from your childhood? I actually still have a doll from Vietnam that my Dad brought back after his tour of duty during the Vietnam war. I never really played with her because she was so fancy looking which is probably why I still have her in such good condition.

But I am not her to discuss my doll I am telling you all of this so you don't miss the Newburgh Toy Show on October 24th from 9AM to 3PM. The event is hosted by the Newburgh Toy and Collector Show and will be held at the Showtime Theatres 1420 Route 300 in Newburgh.

The event invites you to come and see some of the best toys and comic vendors in the Hudson valley. Expect to see from vintage to current. The is admission to the event which is just $5, Kids 12 and under are free. Their will be raffles, a costume contest and you could win discounted movie tickets as well.

Just in time for Christmas shopping you will have a chance to go toy shopping. Enjoy!

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