How often do you need to park at a parking meter? Daily? Weekly? Only every once-in-awhile? Do you ever keep change or coins in your car so you can feed that parking meter?

The City of Newburgh, NY has been making changes to their parking meters, to include where and how many they have, plus how you can pay them. What do you need to know and when will these changes go into effect?

Where are there going to be new or even fewer parking meters in the City of Newburgh, NY?

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In 2020, a study was done to see what could be done about the Newburgh Parking Meter and whether or not there should be an expansion of the meters, if they should be done away with, and how to improve upon the whole parking situation at the Newburgh Waterfront, along with Broadway. There will be new cashless meters installed at the Waterfront and the commercial areas of Broadway.

When will people have to pay the parking meters in the City of Newburgh?

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The meters (or you will need to pay for parking) will need to be fed Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm in the Waterfront area and 8 am to 6 pm for all other areas. The cashless meters can be used both at the machine itself and through an app, Passport. If you use the app, you will need to establish an account with the company.

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