A lower Hudson Valley firefighter who is fighting brain cancer was hand delivered tickets to the Superbowl by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Sunday.

The Tarrytown man, Bill Duggan, caught the NFL's attention when a group of his firefighter buddies started a GoFundMe page attempting to send he and a longtime friend to Minnesota for Super Bowl LII in February.

The ticket exchange was a total surprise. Duggan was summoned to the firehouse under the premise he was going for another interview. But when he got there, instead of a reporter, it was Commissioner Goodell with four free tickets to the big game.

"I am a big Patriots fan," told ABC. "But I just want to go to the Super Bowl."

Duggan's brethren in the fire department started the GoFundMe page, even though he's a Patriot's fan. Now that's friendship. The page has raised more than $10,000 to date and will be used for transportation, lodging and other expenses.