With another week of football play-offs and then a weekend of conference championships still to go, it may feel as though the Super Bowl is still pretty far off. After all we don't even know who will be playing on Sunday, February 7th, but what we do know is that local law enforcement is not going to tolerate any drinking and driving.

Earlier today (January 13, 2021) The Ulster County Sherriff's Office posted on their Facebook page that a STOP-DWI Crackdown is planned for Super Bowl weekend. Ulster County Sheriff Figueroa took to social media to inform everyone that Ulster County police agencies will be part of a special law enforcement effort on Super Bowl weekend to stop impaired driving.

The STOP-DWI effort for Super Bowl weekend will be statewide and is set to start on Friday February 5th and run through Monday February 8th. Sadly this weekend is known for it's deadly incidents of impaired driving. Many of us have been homebound for celebration weekends due to the pandemic but unfortunately the Sheriff's office is still seeing an increase in personal injury accidents in Ulster County.

Wings, Beer and a party are all ways we enjoy celebrating the big game but it is also important that if we plan to travel on Hudson Valley highways that day we have a plan and a designated driver. So I suggest while you are picking your Super Bowl boxes you also pick out who will be making sure you get home safely. Cabs, Lyft, Uber or a sober friend are all good choices.

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