So we're one week in to the new NFL season, and maybe you already have more reason to drink than some. Drinking at home watching the game is one thing, but if you've been to MetLife, Highmark, or any other stadium you've undoubtedly experienced some real sticker shock at concessions.

By now you’ve probably seen that viral “2022 Beer Prices By NFL Team” post floating around Twitter and Facebook. But it's left some fans outrages, comparing notes, and wondering about the mere existence of a unicorn - is there really $5 beer at MetLife Stadium?

Could It Be True?

Naturally, some fans were quick to point out the Jets and the Giants both play their home games at the same stadium and there are two separate prices here. And why wouldn't Giants fans be mad to see this? Same taps, same kegs, two prices?

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But this list isn't exactly scientific. For example: the Washington Commanders have the most expensive beer in the NFL at $14. While some people say its because the team knows you have to drink to get through a Commanders game, draft beer size at FedEx Field is 20oz instead of the usual 12 or maybe 16oz. That price per ounce is way fairer. So if there's at least one half-truth, why wouldn't there be others?

Some fans on Reddit claimed the Jets' $5 beers don't even exist, even fans that have been going to the Meadowlands for years.

On the other side, some did back up this magical $5 beer - but without conclusive proof. 

So do $5 unicorn beers exist at MetLife? After the season opener last Sunday, I combed through Twitter trying to find visual proof that it exists, like the Bigfoot of cheap beer. To my surprise, and the internet's disbelief, apparently it really does exist.

But still, no photo proof - until - in another thread, someone called for receipts when someone else said $5 MetLife beers also exist by Section 116.

Now, this is clearly some amateur footage. Whether, like when observing grainy stills of Bigfoot, you want to believe this is real and current is up to you. I believe it is. That tucked away in MetLife are a few small havens with cheap beer at slightly more fair prices. So be on the lookout. You know where to find them.

If you can confirm whether these stands also exist during a Giants game or if you find new $5 beer locations for the Jets, send them my way.

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