Huzzah! Who's Ready For The New York Renaissance Faire? I know I am! I want to see you there. Maybe if you're cool enough I'll knight thee and you could join my round table.

This weekend is the opening weekend for the New York Renaissance Faire and I cannot wait. Ale, wenches, over sized turkey legs and sword fighting? It sounds just like my annual family reunion. Needless to say I'll feel right at home.

To get everyone in the office excited as well I decided to bring my squire along and knight others to join my party. We'll be able to go on quests now and fight dragons and goblins. Maybe we can joust? At the very least we can hang out at the tavern and have a flagon of ale!

Watch as I knight the WRRV staff.

If you'd like to go did you know that tight now you can actually win tickets the the WRRV App and all of the info can be found HERE.