Video has surfaced featuring a full Nine Inch Nails concert from the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie from August of 1994. Despite being 23 years old, the footage has held up surprisingly well.

This was the height of the Downward Spiral era for Nine Inch Nails. Having released Pretty Hate Machine in '89 followed by 2 EPs in '92, it was Downward Spiral that cemented the bands status as one of the most influential of the time. The video is not safe for work so before you go cranking the volume, you might want to grab your earbuds.

The lineup consisted of guitarist Robin Finck, bassist Danny Lohner, drummer Chris Vrenna and keyboard player James Wooley to go along with Reznor. Unfortunately Wooley just passed away in mid-August.

According to YouTube page hosting the video, the video was converted from a 8mm master copy.

This is straight from the 8mm master, & is a really well-shot piece of work. Some very nice framing with a very good audio track, this has been filmed from balcony centre & is a very entertaining show, as the majority of shows from this tour were...All credit to the taper!

Just 10 days later, Nine Inch Nails performed one of the most legendary shows of their career at Woodstock '94.