If you think things are weird here in the Hudson Valley just take a drive about an hour and a half north. You might be surprised or maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

You'll see some stuff up north. Like a massive dog mounted on what looks to be a vacant building.

I want to preface this story by stating that I am well aware that the Hudson Valley technically spans to the Capital Region even though I whole heartedly disagree. That's what the state believes but I don't subscribe to that nonsense.

I love the Capital Region of New York. I lived there for about 4 years and I can tell you that it's is a strange place. After living in Beacon for an equal amount of time, the Capital Region seems like a different state entirely. I truly believe Kingston is where the Upstate New York line really begins. I say that because past Kingston things are just different. New Yorkers don't have the same style, that same manners and they don't even have the same accent.

One thing they do have though is Nipper. What's Nipper? Nipper is this weird massive dog that hovers over this warehouse that can be seen throughout the entire city of Albany. It was also the official mascot for RCA.

According to Atlas Obscura, it's the largest Nipper statue in the world. It's apparently above the Arnoff Moving and Storage building just off of I-787. People are obsessed with this dog up there. Everyone knows and loves Nipper.

Have you seen Nipper during a road trip up north? Does the Hudson Valley have anything weird like Nipper? We have the Walkway. Does that count?


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