As NY'ers, we know how truly important diners are.  As a NY'er who made Massachusetts her home for almost a decade, I know this to be especially true, as a great diner in the Western MA region was hard to come by.

A familiar Hudson Valley business owner is now the owner of a former Shrewsbury MA diner car that will be relocated to the Hudson Valley.

, who you may recognize as the owner of one of America's top 'old school restaurants' the Phoenicia Diner, recently won in a bidding war on the former Edgemere Diner car in an auction, and will bring the former MA diner across state lines into NY.

The $45,000 price tag came with the stipulation that auction winner must relocate the diner from it's current location no later than December 23rd, and the move deadline is a big concern for the new owner.  Leading up to the auction and sale, the town owned the property and had rented out the diner, but the community is no longer wanting to serve as a landlord, this according to a story in the telegram.

Though listed as permanently closed, The Edgemere Diner is described as "the iconic diner" on their official website, and has been parked in Shrewsbury since 1954.  Prior to that, it was located in the Boston area and known as the Englewood Diner.  It was listed as measuring 42-feet long and 16-feet wide.

Cioffi said that he has plans to restore the 1940s Fodero dining car and reopen as an authentic diner once again.  It'll be stationed in the Catskills while the new ownership finds the perfect spot to reopen, then, Cioffi said, "it'll be brought back to it's original beauty."

There were also rumblings of a burgundy porcelain front with classic Hollywood-style lettering under the current facade that a particular 'diner expert' is hopeful to see once the diner car finds a new home.  Richard D S. Gutman, who is an industry expert on the history and architecture of diners, has written multiple books on the subject and had his eye on this particular sale.  He's given Cioffi praise and has high hopes for the diner.

he auction itself was between Cioffi and a Shrewsbury resident who had interest in purchasing the dining car to put in her backyard, for her own use.  According to the article in the telegram, once Cioffi upped the bid to $45,000, the other bidder was out.

Where do you think the diner should land in the Hudson Valley, any suggestions?

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