This past weekend, in addition to enjoying the incredible weather, we also had some landscaping work done at our house. We hired a friend of mine who is super talented to help spruce up the yard and everything was going awesome...

...awesome until I received a text with this photo and the caption "what do you want me to do with these?"


At first I thought he was just joking -- he's a funny guy to begin with -- then I realized he was in fact, NOT joking, and there were, TRULY, at least, 11 of them having snake-love in my backyard.

Thank God for his quick thinking and amazing neighbors who came over to help save the day, but I still want to move out...I don't mix well with wildlife.

My first question is, why are they blue in color? Second, why are there so many of them? Third, what in the world do we do now? Lots of people are telling me that it's good to have them to keep bugs and rodents away, but I don't know that I can handle dodging snake love-fests when I'm out in the yard with my daughter. (By the way, her response when she grabbed the phone out of my hands while I almost passed out was, "OH COOL!")

Aside from calling my real estate agent ASAP, plan B was to cement the entire yard and paint it green, no?

I posted the pic last night and more than 75% of the Instagram and facebook comments from my friends told me to pack my bags, for the people that keep telling me they are safe and good to have, place your pre-orders, how many would you like for your yard?

HELP, have any of you Hudson Valley'ers ever had this type of infestation, or am I freaking out for no reason?