July in New York: when it can get so hot you just want to take your clothes off. Turns out the best place to do it is just an hour outside of the Hudson Valley.

Getting Naked in the Hudson Valley, NY

Surprisingly, there aren't many spots for naturists (the preferred term for "non-sexual social nudity", per Wikipedia) in New York, and none in the Hudson Valley. For such a generally forward-thinking area, it's surprising that you'd have to travel to hang out (pun intended) with other likeminded individuals. Thankfully, you'll only have an hour's ride to strip in peace... just keep your clothes on until you get there. Your leather seats may be hot from the summer sun.

Amnixia via Canva
Amnixia via Canva

Nude Swimming in the Hudson Valley, NY

It wasn't always this way. R.I.P. to the mini-naturist haven at Split Rock. Up until 2020, there was the locally-known "clothing optional" section of the swimming area, but as is the case with most swimming holes in our area, internet stardom ruined it for everyone. Luckily there's another option not far away.

Follow the road to Rock Lodge Club! (Google)
Follow the road to Rock Lodge Club! (Google)

Naturist Clubs Near the Hudson Valley, NY

Rock Lodge Club, in Stockholm, NJ is just an hour's drive from my home in Newburgh, NY (I'm keeping my options open for next weekend). Described as a club celebrating "family-oriented naturism", this members-only retreat sits on nearly 150 acres of nature and offers activities ranging from tennis and volleyball (I'll leave the innuendos up to you) to dancing and hiking.

This may not come as a surprise, but membership is required to stay at Rock Lodge (they also permit "pre-approved" visitors on weekends). So before you decide to shake a leg (and whatever else), make sure to check out application process here.

Want to stay closer to home and still get nude? Check out the amazing Bali-inspired Airbnb in Rosendale, NY below. With over seven private acres and your own spring-fed pond, you can unleash your inner naturist at your own pace.

Live in Bali Without Leaving the Hudson Valley

A Rosendale, NY Airbnb recreates Bali living in Ulster County

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