They say there's no such thing as a bad pizza. It's safe to say we've officially seen everything now. Dig in, everyone.

I hope you've got your appetite. If you're looking for a sudsy and trendy new pizza topping this might be the one for you.

According to Channel 7 ABC, there's a pizza shop in Brooklyn that has mastered the art of eating Tide Pods. Well, not exactly. There's still is no safe or good reason you should ever eat a Tide Pod. Vinnie's Pizzeria is offering a new menu item called "Pied Pods which is pizza roll with died mozzarella cheese to look just like the Tide Pod product.

Check it out for yourself.

Next time your in the city be sure to take the "Pied Pod" Challenge. Maybe you can start making them yourself at home.

Will there be a creative food item that will jump on the Tide wagon or should we just break the... cycle. Sounds like a... load of nonsense to me.