The New York State Police are working hard in here in the Hudson Valley. Most notably, they're lending a helping hand to the animals in Orange County area.

Last week an elephant named Fritha made an escape from its sanctuary in the Westtown area. New York State Troopers from Troop F were called to the scene, located the elephant and were able to get in touch with Fritha's handler who got the 44 year old elephant safely home.

Troop F Sergeant David Scott was one of the Troopers on the elephant scene and according to Facebook is becoming known as the animal whisperer. The New York State Police posted on Wednesday, November 14th, that Sergeant Scott was on the scene to assist a 12 year old dog.

The older dog named Marley had gone missing in the Rutgers Creek area in the town of Minisink. Marley's owners were looking for him for around 3 hours when a neighbor heard the dog howling by the water.

Sergeant Scott, Sergeant  Tormey and Trooper Matt McKinney were able to get Marley out of the water unharmed.

A job well done!