When you think of how much debauchery happens in the United States, where does New York City rank on the list of sinners? I think you'll be shocked to find out that New York City didn't just make the list. They shattered it.

Casino.org, did a fascinating study where they tracked and logged tweets all over the country containing hashtags regarding the seven deadly sins like #faith, #hope, and #charity, #proud, #lazy, and #angry.

Sadly, after analyzing 100,000 tweets the results came back and luckily for New York City, the seven deadly sins aren't really deadly or else  they'd be in trouble.

1.  Pride:  New York City

Let's be real. Redidents of NYC are full of pride from everything from their heritage to their sports teams.

2.  Envy:  Boca Raton, Florida.

I'm guessing this is because old rich retired people become jealous of their neighbors new boat.

3.  Wrath:  New York City.

If I had to pay $1,500.00 from a studio apartment I would be a little upset too.

4.  Gluttony:  New York City.

Have you had the pizza?

5.  Sloth:  New York City.

This one surprised me. New York City seems to frown upon slow people.

6.  Greed:  Las Vegas.

Makes sense.

7.  Lust:  Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 

Odd, I thought Virginia was for lovers.