Do you or someone in your life have a wheelchair? Maybe one of the kinds that are super electric? Have you ever had any problems with it? Have you complained?

Are you aware that New York State has a Lemon Law for wheelchairs? How can you get some help and get your chair replaced or repaired?

So, if you have an issue with your Wheelchair, how do you go about starting the process to get restitution?

Unsplash Photo by Roberto Quezad-Dardon
Unsplash Photo by Roberto Quezad-Dardon

You will need to document the issues that you have had with the wheelchair and what you have tried to get done. Is it repairs? Is it a service issue? Do you have dates and times when you have tried to get things fixed?

Got the records? When do you get the New York State Attorney General's Office involved?

Photo by Bob Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Bob Smith on Unsplash

You get the NYS Attorney General's Office involved as soon as you have information and are not getting any assistance from the place where you got the wheelchair. You will need to fill out the paperwork for the New York State Wheelchair Arbitration Program and mail it to the NYS Attorney General's Office.

Do you need to send any money with the arbitration form?

closeup disabled man hand on wheel of wheelchair

No, you don't need to send money when you mail that form, but you will need to pay a $100 filing fee if the NYS Dispute Resolution Service tells you to. You will not be required to pay unless your case goes to arbitration.

What if you don't like the resolution?

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If you agree to go to arbitration (mediation) you will also need to agree that you will abide by the outcome. Keep your notes, and record everything that you have had to do to try to get a resolution before you file the paperwork. It will strengthen your case.

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