You might know that New York State has many official 'things.' The 'things' vary from the official state fruit, to the official state snack, and many other things. However, when it comes to New York State having an official fruit, we all pretty much have that one figured out, right? The apple. Just one of the many reasons that New York is called the 'Big Apple.'

So, why shouldn't the New York State Official Pie be Apple? Ok, even better why is the not an official state pie? Shocking, right? Unbelievable.

Before we dig into more about the State Pie, what are some of the official state items for New York?

  • State Fruit: Apple
  • State Bird: Blue Bird
  • State Bug: Lady Bug
  • State Snack: Yogurt
  • State Muffin: Apple Muffin
  • State Tree: Sugar Maple

After a quick online search, where for about 30 seconds, I thought that the NYS pie was "Grape Pie." Have you ever had a slice of grape pie? How does it taste? Is it any good? Is this something that is only sold in the two largest grape growing areas of the state? Finger Lakes and Long Island?  Peach could also be an option, because of the large amount of peaches that are grown across the state as well, so that too could be an option.

How can we make the Apple Pie, be the official Pie of New York State?

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