The topic of celebrity crushes has come up a lot this week here at WRRV.  We've been asking you to spill the tea on your celebrity crush list, and you guys have definitely been coming through on Instagram.  I figured i'd join in after Brandi told you about the 5 reasons why Marc Ruffalo tops her crush list...

If you listen to my show, this may not be a surprise to you, since I talk so much about being a HUGE fan of The Tonight Show - Jimmy Fallon is most definitely my (not so secret) celebrity crush, and grew up right here in the Hudson Valley, too.

Following Brandi's lead, here's my top 5 reasons for totally crushing hard on Fallon:

  • The guy is super talented - funny, can sing, dance, act, and it seems like he has an amazing personality.
  • His relationship with Justin Timberlake - #BFFgoals
  • SNL skits, seriously, can you pick your favorite, because I can't.
  • He writes really adorable children's books.
  • He once mentioned a radio station I used to work for on The Tonight Show - like, talked about listening to it, so I secretly think he's heard me on the radio....a girl can dream, am I right?

One of my bucket list items is to get to a taping of the show, but i've never been lucky enough to score tickets in their monthly ticket lottery.  So Jimmy, if you're reading this, hook a fellow Hudson Valley'er up, would ya?

The ladies of WRRV told you ours, your turn!