There used to be this ancient social ritual that teenagers used to engage in constantly. Once they were old enough, hours would be spent until their parents yelled at them to stop. Do you remember the last time you made a friend and wanted to talk to them for hours on the phone? Might have been over 20 years ago.

Talking on the phone is a lost social skill for today's generation. Everything is a text message or just a quick photo without using clever verbiage to entertain each other. Over the past two decades, online gaming servers have allowed players from all over the world to put on a head set or ear piece and talk to each other while playing competitively or cooperatively. More often then not players are too competitive and inappropriate trash talk makes up 75% of the conversation.

Far Cry 5 is the first online game I've played were the majority of gamers are friendly and openly willing to socialize with each other. I've made more friends with this game than any other online game I've played. I've made friends with people in Australia, Brazil and all over the United States. My current "squad" that I regularly play with include a 24 year old dude from Texas, a 30 year old woman from South Carolina and a quick witted mom from North Carolina.

I talk to these strangers for hours on end while we play together and it's cool to have real conversations with people you'll never meet in person.