A jailed Orange County man is going to spend more time locked up after he was found with a razor blade, drugs and more while in prison.

On Monday, 34-year-old Jacques Harvey of Newburgh was convicted by a jury trial for three-counts of promoting prison contraband.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Harvey, who was an inmate at the jail due to an alleged parole violation, was searched by corrections officers and found to be in possession of an “exacto” razor blade, a bundle of marijuana and a bundle of tobacco.

All of the items are banned within the jail, officials say. Harvey is expected to be sentenced three to seven years in state prison when sentenced on August 21.

“Corrections officers regularly perform a hazardous job in difficult surroundings,” Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler said. “That job becomes even more dangerous when inmates are armed with concealed weapons. I commend the quick thinking and actions of the corrections officers who were able to seize this weapon before it could be used to harm correction officers or other inmates.”

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