"Outlander" the book series, is now on TV, on "pay" TV. It has already been renewed for a second season. This leads me to a few questions. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled (& surprised) that there is this much attention to a storyline that I have been invested in for years.

*Do Claire and Jaime look like you thought they were going to?
For some reason, I expected Jaime to be much "bigger".

*I don't have Starz but was able to see the first episode online (and am having a friend tape them so I can watch them later). But am I the only one who is noticing things being a bit "out of order" from the book. (Apparently Diana Gabaldon had to sign off that she would let the screen writers go ahead and change things. But the writers do go back to her to consult on items that are considered "must haves" ie "Sassenach". (BTW, I am so annoyed that this is on Starz, and that I have to go to someone elses house to watch. Every day, I pray that it will be on Netflix soon).

*Giles Duncan, the timeline for her, she was made very prevalent in the first two episodes, but isn't really seen until the latter part of book 1. I have only seen the first three episodes of the show, and am eager to see how her role is handled. (Trying to avoid spoilers and the difference between what might happen in the book versus the tv show). She might only spend a very little amount of time on screen, but she plays a part in book one and two.

*If you are as into Outlander (as am I) and want to geek out with me each week, please email me, Brandi@wrrv.com and we can "discuss" this. Thanks -Brandi.

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