Oysterhead – featuring Primus frontman Les Claypool, former Police drummer Stewart Copeland and Phish leader Trey Anastasio – performed their first show since 2006 when they appeared at the 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO on Feb. 14.

They delivered 14 songs during the first of two appearances at the venue, opening with “Little Faces” and ending with an encore that included covers of Police track “Voices Inside My Head” and Phish number “46 Days.” You can watch videos, view the set list and listen to the full concert audio below.

The Broomfield show saw Claypool admitting at one point that he had “no fucking clue” where the band were going during a jam, and Anastasio playing his Matterhorn guitar, sporting a full-sized deer antler which he used to generate electronic sounds. Copeland and Anastasio swapped places during “Wield the Spade.”

Oysterhead - ‘Mr. Oysterhead’

Oysterhead - ‘Rubberneck Lions’

Oysterhead - ‘Shadow of a Man’

Claypool formed Oysterhead in 2000 after being invited to take part in a jam festival. “I called Trey and he said, ‘I’ve always wanted to play with Stewart Copeland,’” he told Rolling Stone that year. “[A]nd I said, ‘I know Stewart.’ And we kinda threw this thing together. And it turned out to be this monster thing.” The trio released their only album, The Grand Pecking Order, in 2001, then split until reuniting for another festival show in 2006, and later confirming the 2020 appearances last year. “I don’t know what the hell is going on with Oysterhead,” Claypool had said in 2013. “We always talk about it. There’s a lot of talk. I think it’s an itch we should start scratching here pretty soon. It’s been long overdue.”

Oysterhead - ‘Army’s on Ecstasy’

Oysterhead - ‘Pseudo Suicide’

Oysterhead - ‘46 Days’

Oysterhead - 1st Bank Centre, Broomfield, CO Set List

1. “Little Faces”
2. “Mr. Oysterhead”
3. “Polka Dot Rose”
4. “Radon Balloon”
5. “The Grand Pecking Order”
6. “Rubberneck Lions”
7. Jam
8. “Shadow of a Man”
9. “Army’s on Ecstasy”
10. “Wield the Spade”
11. “Birthday Boys”
12. “Oz is Ever Floating”
13. “Pseudo Suicide”

14. “Voices Inside My Head”
15. “46 Days”
16. “Owner of the World”