Pearl Jam are the latest act to take part in the "All In" challenge and nominating others to pay it forward. The band has put together an impressive charitable package with the desire to raise funds for America's frontline workers during this Covid-19 crisis.

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder accepted the challenge on behalf of the band after being nominated by actress Laura Dern to take part. "I just wanted to tell her and everybody on behalf of myself and the group, we are in. We are all in and challenge accepted," stated the singer toward the top of the video.

Vedder says he and the band have been thinking about how much they miss the live experience and playing for the fans, which is something they had intended to do this spring before the pandemic hit. That said, when the pandemic lifts, the group has come up with an incredible concert-related package that they feel will create an experience that gives you the full live show feel.

"What we'd like is for you and a friend to come to a Pearl Jam show near you and we thought it'd be nice if you came early for a soundcheck and you can see what that's all about," Vedder starts.

He then adds, "For at least one song, I'd like to have you onstage where I stand in the middle there, or six feet away, but to be up there on the stage and hear the stage sound and be surrounded by these great musicians at loud volume. Even just to stand in front of the great drummer Matt Cameron, directly in front of him, it's a true thrill. You'll feel some vibrations that maybe you haven't felt before, ones that I'm lucky enough to feel all the time, and I thought that would be a great thing to share."

"Maybe you could add a few song requests to the set list, within reason, or a challenge. You could challenge us," says Vedder. They also have the idea of experiencing the show from different vantage points, first having the fan watch on from great seats in the audience, then moving to the soundboard where they can take in how the lights and sound work. From there, the winning bidder will get to hang at the side of the stage with the crew and even have the chance to join in bringing Eddie a guitar or microphone and enjoying some wine as well.

Adding to the fun of it all, Vedder suggests, "Why don't we just say it's your birthday and I'll sing and have the whole crowd sing 'Happy Birthday' to you. They won't know. They're not going to check your ID." There will be candles and cake of course. And yes, you'll also get a signed Telecaster guitar on top of it all.

"I reckon you'll have a good story to tell," says the singer.

Donations for Pearl Jam's "All In" challenge will benefit No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels America and America's Food Fund which benefits Feeding America and World Central Kitchen.

Finishing out the video, Vedder then nominated Chicago Cubs executive Theo Epstein and Treehouse Masters chief Pete Nelson to come up with their own packages and join in.

For those interested in Pearl Jam's "All In" challenge, head here. And to see more of the "All In" challenge auctions, visit this location.

Eddie Vedder Details Pearl Jam's "All In" Challenge Package


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