A new pizzeria will be opening its doors in the Hudson Valley this week and we have an exclusive look inside.

Everyone in the Hudson Valley knows that pizza here is delicious. Most regions of the country have their own style of pizza. We have thin crust, there's Chicago deep-dish, and everything else is kind of a mix of those two. But there's a style of pizza you may not have realized existed: Detroit Style.

Detroit Style pizza is a thick but crispy crust. It's not soft like a Chicago deep-dish, the entire crust is crispy. A Detroit style pizzeria is actually set to open its doors in the Hudson Valley this week. Hudson & Packard will be opening its first permanent storefront on Thursday, October 1, in Poughkeepsie. You might have had their pizza before when they did a pop-up kitchen at the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory in the winter and spring. For now, at the new location, they're just doing takeout. But hopefully post-pandemic, they'll be open for sit down because the dining room is stunning.

We have an exclusive look inside the new Hudson & Packard Detroit style pizzeria that's opening in Poughkeepsie. Check out these pictures before you go in:

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