Do you miss plastic grocery bags as much as I do? You can still get them online but they are not cheap.

Is it bad that I still use plastic bags even though they have technically been banned? I know they can cause a lot of waste. According to a press release , New Yorkers used 23 billion plastic bags each year before the ban.

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I know I'm not breaking any laws but I feel like I'm smuggling in some contraband.

It seems hard to believed but it has been about two years since grocery stores had to stop giving customers plastic bags to customers.

In case you forgot the New York State law was passed in 2019 and went into effect on March 1, 2020. It took a lot of New Yorkers by surprise but the ban didn't just happen in over night. It was reportedly hit with a series of delays and legal challenges.

Fast forward to 2023 and the grocery store experience is completely different. We've had to adapt to buying our own paper bags at most stores or carrying our own reusable bags. If you're like me then you forget your reusable bags all of the time.

I started keeping a huge pile of them in the trunk of my car. However, I don't consider them for single use. I use them for groceries then I use them to empty garbage from my home like dirty cat litter or diapers.

Do you still use them too?

You can buy them online 50 bags on Ebay can set you back almost $10 plus shipping. It doesn't see, like a lot of money but we used to get these for free.

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