You'd be shocked to know what local residents have admitted to stealing from hotels and I'm not just talking about soap and shampoo.

Have you taken anything from a hotel? Come on, lets be honest here. We heard several confessionals from people stealing everything from year supply of toilet paper to shower heads, paintings on the wall. There was even a story of an awry bachelor party where a group kids stole an entire mini refrigerator in a drunken haze.

We've got some brave listeners. How the heck do these things go unnoticed? Have you ever taken anything from a hotel? What's harmless and what's actual theft? Where is the line drawn?

The following are texts from Hudson Valley residents:

  • My father traveled for business 4 nights a week when I was younger. He took all the extra rolls of toilet paper from each hotel room. My mom didn't have to buy toilet paper for 6 years.
  • We had a family reunion one year and I helped my grandmother, it was her idea, to steal like 80% of the maid cart. Soap towels shampoo toilet paper cleaning supplies ect. 😂😂