For the second time this week, I've been stunned with a lifehack that's been hiding in plain sight in New York.

First, it was the gas station hack. I couldn't believe it took me years to learn that drivers filling up their vehicles could mute the annoying "gas station TV" with a simple push of an unlabeled button. This time, my mind was blown when I went over to a friend's house for pizza.

Ohoto of Leo's Pizzeria in Newburgh, NY
Hudson Valley pizzerias, like Leo's in Newburgh, NY offer their pizza dough for sale for customers to bake at home (Google)

How to Buy Pizza Dough from Your Local New York State Pizzeria

Our talented friends invited us over for a wonderful dinner of BBQ pizza (no barbeque sauce involved, but the pizzas were ingeniously cooked on their outdoor grill). If grilling pizza wasn't impressive enough, where they got their pizza dough is what put me over the edge: they had simply walked into their local Beacon, NY pizzeria and bought dough balls.

Photo of pizza dough and the facade of Pizza Mia in Newburgh, NY
Did you know that most New York pizzerias will sell their customers dough to bake at home? (Google/Skitterphoto via Canva)

The Advantage of Buying Dough from Local Pizzerias

The reason for my surprise was mostly due to the nonchalance with which my friends shared their "secret". Both my wife and I had never heard of ordering dough from a pizzeria before, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. The dough is the easiest part of a pizza to mess up, so why not leave it to the professionals? After my shock wore off, it was time to find out if every pizzeria in the Hudson Valley offered the same service.

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Can Hudson Valley, NY Residents Buy Pizza Dough from Local Pizzerias?

While it is nearly impossible to call every local pizzeria in the area (there are way more than you might think), I was able to confirm that in the Hudson Valley, pizzerias in Ulster, Dutchess, and Orange Counties all offer their pizza dough for sale to customers. Some even take it a step further and offer full pizza-making kits.

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So feel free to roll your eyes if you've known this fact for years, but I still can't get over the "secret" that's been right in front of my face the whole time. Even my friends who taught me the hack admitted that everyone who they had previously told was equally amazed. So help spread the word, and check out some amazing local pizzerias below.

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