With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's pretty common for people to be scrambling around to put the finishing touches on the perfect thing to celebrate their special person. There's the usual approach - flowers, candy, jewelry, a homemade dinner in, an expensive dinner out.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface of all of the options out there to make your Valentine feel special on this day of love.

Personally, I'd love to receive a PuppyGram through the Ulster County SPCA (complete with chocolate AND puppy kisses) on Valentine's Day if anyone's still shopping for me...

But what about doing something to.... remember (nah), honor (nope), trash (ok, we're listening) your ex on Valentine's Day?


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Humane Society of Walden

The Humane Society of Walden is giving you the chance to help raise some funds for the society through two differently approached fundraisers; Feel the Love (lovely) or Anti Love (crappy) this year.

For a $5 (minimum) donation to the shelter, you can give them the name of a special someone that will be placed on a heart and displayed on a shelter pet's kennel - aweeeeee.

Nah, we're talking about exes here.

If you're not feeling the love, also for a $5 (minimum) donation they'll take the name of your not-so-special someone, place it on the bottom of a litter box, and let 'their kitties deposit a No. 2 on your former No. 1.'

Humane Society Walden
Humane Society of Walden

Links for both fundraisers can be found here.

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Bronx Zoo Cockroach Naming

Nothing says I don't miss you at all better than a cockroach, am I right? As stated by the Bronx Zoo, 'you don't always have the right words, but you can still give them goosebumps.' How about naming a Roach for your Valentine 'because roaches are forever.'

There are various levels of roach-dom available at the Bronx Zoo this year for Valentine's Day, ranging from a certificate for naming a 'Madagascar hissing cockroach' after someone to plush stuffed animals and socks to go along with the naming.

More details can be found here.

If these just aren't doing the trick, or you're not quite sure how to tell that special someone you don't want them to be your Valentine, how about a pizza to deliver the message?

If that wasn't enough...

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