Seems like all eyes are on this particular spot in Hopewell Junction once again; this time not for the controversial 'weed bus,' we mean, mobile dispensary that was towed from the lot last week, but rather with a question that is garnering a lot of attention about a fairly new pizza spot.

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What's Going On At Pan and Peel Pizza?

While half the town has their eyes on the 28' pies that are flying out the door of Hopewell Pizza, seems like the rest of the people in the area are wondering what's going on with another popular spot, not too far down the road, that was referred to as 'king of Hopewell Pizza' when they first opened.

Hopewell Pizza
Hopewell Pizza

Is pan and peel closed? Been trying to call multiple nights in a row and no answer!

I heard he closed up for good.

He did close permanently, he closed for personal reasons.

Speculations about what actually happened to Pan and Peel Pizza at 562 Rt. 82 in Hopewell Junction are swirling all over social media after people have tried to grab a slice, or order a pie from this popular local spot with no success.

GoogleMaps, Canva
GoogleMaps, Canva

The Hudson Valley Is Looking For Answers About Pan and Peel

The Pan and Peel business listing on google reads 'temporarily closed,' online ordering via the 'Slice' site is currently suspended, while a search on GrubHub says unable to find their listing. Visitors attempting to get more information from the official Pan and Peel website will be met with the text 'COMING SOON.'

Currently, there's no signage on the door indicating a closure, as customers are concerned that they have not been able to get through to anyone via phone either. We have reached out via social media for a status update as well, and will update with more information if and when it becomes available.

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