I conclude my war elephant hunt with one last beast. Since I'm already done with the main story my character has been leveled up substantially which made completing this task pretty easy.

This adorable animal known as Herwennefer is a beautiful creation of nature. Unfortunately for us, it just wants to crush our skulls. In this video I show you how this elephant attacks and the necessary steps to avoid.

The differences with this elephant is that it doesn't charge as often which is nice. The enemy riding the elephant will attack from range with arrows and poison bombs. You are given ample time to react as long as you stay patient.

Strategy used here is that of dodging and adrenaline gaining. I keep my shield up by pressing L1 and that protects you from their ranged attacks. Attack from range using warrior bow and light bow. Wait for adrenaline gauge to max out and use overpower attack to inflict maximum damage.