It wasn't exactly a cool day this past Sunday at DCC. But the summer heat didn't prevent over 200 Pokémon Go players from participating in Community Day. This free monthly event started with just a small group of people who got together on a rainy day and had fun. Once Facebook users started posting about the day the community began to grow.

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Squirtle was the featured Pokémon and there were plenty of shinies! No one expected to find shiny squirtles with glasses as you can see in the cool augmented reality photo above! This created quite the excitement as more and more players found them.

Not only was there plenty of shade on campus, Pokémon Go Community leader, Chelsea Roundy, was able to secure access to some buildings on campus. A giant lounge was set up with enough air conditioning to keep everyone cool. Some raids even took place indoors with plenty of space for all to participate.

Do to the constant efforts of Community Leaders like Chelsea, Pokémon Go Community Day is virtually weatherproof! If you want in on the fun you are welcomed to join the open Facebook group Pokemon Go in the Hudson Valley which now has over 3,000 members! If you are a Pokémon Go player who wants to trade, this group will help.

We will announce August's community day soon, just remember to keep taking those AR photos and posting them on the community Facebook page.