Ouch! Police are asking for your help, as yet another shooting has left a victim in a painful and somewhat embarrassing situation. Sadly, cases like this across the area have skyrocketed over the past year. Stories like this have lead some to question whether or not they want to venture out to a place that once touted itself as the "safest big city in the world".

ABC is saying that the incident took place early Wednesday morning in Foxhurst, when a man was approached by another man wearing a black ski mask. Police say the masked man then pulled a gun and shot the other man, seemingly out of nowhere. ABC says the bullet struck the victim in the buttocks. According to police reports, the gunman only said one word.


Not too many other details are known at this time, however ABC says the alleged gunman was last seen running off towards East 167th Street. The man shot in the butt was taken to a nearby hospital, and has been listed in stable condition. Police did not indicate if the gunman and the victim knew one another.

This might make you think back closer to home in the Hudson Valley, when a Bronx man claims he was shot in the rear end, while walking in Poughkeepsie, causing him to fall and strike his head. However, this particular blast to the butt appears to have been a hoax. Upon x-rays and closer examination, it was determined that there were no bullets lodged in the man's buttocks. Police say the man was "highly intoxicated" at the time. Police also said the victim's story was inconsistent and that he became uncooperative. The night of the phantom butt shot happened in May 2020.

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