It’s never a good thing when you hear about a business closing, but somehow it seems even worse when you happen to know that the business has a great product, but for some reason, something is not working. I’m not sure what the actual reason for the closure is, but I was shocked to read of the sudden closing of Elia’s BBQ Pit on Vineyard Avenue in Highland.

I’ve been eating Elia’s BBQ for years, and they have some of the best meats in the Hudson Valley. My first introduction to Elia’s was probably at the Dutchess County Fair where they used to have a permanent structure for the duration of the fair. Elia’s was famous for their Meat Parfait. It was a meat lover's dream come true with a layer of brisket, a layer of mashed potatoes, a layer of pulled pork, a layer of coleslaw, and a cherry tomato on top. And a delicious bbq rib to top it all off. 

Eventually, I got to know Mark and Toni Elia and became familiar with their food truck that appeared at almost every Hudson Valley festival, their catering business, and their dreams for the future. With meats and bbq as delicious as theirs, they were sure to go far. Then they opened Hudson Valley Sausage Company in Highland, and soon after, Elia’s BBQ Pit. Needless to say, I was thrilled for them. So, it was with sadness and surprise that I read on Facebook that Elia’s BBQ Pit was now closed. There was no reason given. 

There is still a little good news for Elia’s lovers, though. With the announcement of their closing, they also said the brisket, pork, and ribs are available for pick up at Hudson Valley Sausage Company at 16 Commercial Avenue. They are operating under limited hours, so call ahead at 845 691-9312. The even better news is that they will still be available for catering seven days a week. At least we can end this article on a good note. We wish the folks at Elia’s the very best.

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