Employees and loyal customers were shocked to discover that a popular Hudson Valley drinking spot will no longer be open for business.

According to the New Paltz Times, Shea O'Brien's has shut its doors for good, with employees finding out on very short notice. Manager Garvan McCloskey told the Times that he's "devistated" by the decision to close, but it was something that was out of his control.

Very little details were given as to why Shea O'Brien's abruptly closed. The business has been very successful, with the bar pulling in over a million dollars in revenue this year. McCloskey attributed the closure to issues that he characterizes as being beyond his control. He stated that the problems were something that he preferred "not to deal with anymore.”

Patrons and other local businesses have reached out to McCloskey, offering their help in relocating the business. But for now, 30 or so employees from waiters to cooks and bartenders are now looking for another job.

Were you a customer of Shea O'Briens? How do you feel about their sudden closing? Would you like to see them open again somewhere else?