This week the Mohonk Preserve announced that they have reopened trails that had been closed earlier this year to protect Peregrine Falcon. I reported on the original closure back in March.

Earlier this week the Mohonk Preserve announced on their Facebook page that they had re-opened trails that had previously been closed to climbers to ensure that the Peregrine Falcons would not be disturbed while nesting and caring for their young.

In the statement, they said that the temporary climbing restrictions had been lifted as of July 10th 2021. The areas included the Trapps, Millbrook and the Bonitcou areas of the ridge. These areas are now open and accessible to climbers again.

The Mohonk Preserve also took that opportunity to thanks groups who had help during the closure with the Peregrine Falcon watch. This included their Conservation Science staff and Peregrine Watch participants. They also thanked the climbing community for their cooperation during the closure.

Scenic view of the Shawangunk mountains in upstate New York.

The Mohonk Preserve is located in Ulster County in the town of Gardiner just outside New Paltz. Its mission is to protect the Shawangunk Mountain region. They have memberships available that grant you access to the preserve ahead of the general public on a daily basis.

The Mohonk Preserve also offers many programs and events that are open to all ages year-round. Whether you are visiting for a day or you are a member of the Hudson Valley community you are welcome to take part in the preserve's programs. Everyone is encouraged to find out more about the region and its natural resources that are here for us to appreciate and enjoy.

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