The original structures on the property date back to the 1840s and developers will now be turning the old Lewis Country Farms in LaGrange into a series of luxury apartments.

A posting on states that 25 of the 91 units in development will be built in the existing structures. So, while there will be changes to the property, several of the old buildings will remain in place.

According to an old article in the Poughkeepsie Journal, The business opened as Lewis Country Farms in 1989 by owner Bill Lewis who spent nearly $2 million to update and renovate the property.

It's difficult to find much information on the closure of Lewis Country Farms. They closed down for good in the mid-2000s but did not have a large online presence. Having the already established Adams Fairacre Farms just up the street on Route 44 could not have been good for business.

We put it out to the audience and Tim from Poughkeepsie had this to share regarding the closure.

It was after 2004. My father worked for the Lewis landscaping and Bill Lewis owned both. I remember being there in 2003-04 during my senior year in high school very very seldom then, but I wasn't there any time after. If my pops was still around I'd be able to know exactly when it closed down. I don't even know who's still there from the time my dad was there from 82-2007.

Millspaugh Furniture was also reportedly located on the property for a time. Should these buildings be preserved as is? Or are you OK with the development? Did you shop there? Based on the fact there isn't a lot of information online we'd love to hear of any experiences you have going there, we'll be updating this post as new info comes in.