A 30 acre parcel of land has been purchased by Scenic Hudson, preserving the property for public use for generations to come. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports the land, located in the Hudson Highlands along the Fishkill Ridge, was purchased from a Beacon resident for an undisclosed amount.

Scenic Hudson has been attempting to purchase the land for a decade. It's highly visible from the Newburgh waterfront and Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and is a popular hiking spot within the Hudson Highlands. The addition of this property will allow for the addition of trails to link with existing ones along the ridge.

Scenic Hudson was founded in 1963 and they work to 'protect and restore the Hudson River' and to ensure it remains a vital resource for the community. They just launched a new initiative which incorporates a computer model to maximize their ability to determine which land to save based on the future effects of climate change.