Most people who are native to the Hudson Valley know that the Village of New Paltz knows how to celebrate a holiday, especially Halloween!

Last week we learned that the extremely popular New Paltz Halloween Parade and village festivities will be returning for this year, with added COVID-safety protocols.

Along with this exciting announcement comes the unfortunate news that the annual Night of 100 Pumpkins Contest, hosted by The Bakery, New Paltz, will not happen for 2021.  In years past, this event has drawn quite the crowd, with The Bakery citing as many as 2,000 people passing through the tents to check out the pumpkin submissions for the contest.  They have stated that even though the Night of 100 Pumpkins contest is held outdoors, they don't believe they can do it safely.

Since the start of the pandemic The Bakery has made the safety of our customers and staff our priority. After closing for three months, we were one of the last restaurants to reopen and we still keep half of our tables roped off to maintain social distance. Our staff are required to be vaccinated and our customers must wear masks. Some of us have unvaccinated children at home so we feel very lucky to have not had a single positive case among our staff.

Click here for The Bakery's full statement about the event.
They, along with many other fans of the pumpkin contest i'm sure, look forward to the future when this event can be held again, but in the meantime, we do have the New Paltz Parade and festivities to look forward to for Halloween 2021.  Events include window decorating in the village, grab n' go trick-or-treating at designated locations, and the parade itself.  The full lineup of festivities, as well as the COVID precautions, can be found here.

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