Longstanding family owned and operated business are truly what makes an area feel like home. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, I remember going into local spots where the owners knew my family by name, then once I became old enough to work I ended up at a local family-owned business where I ended up knowing the names of our regulars.

Eventually, the time comes where business owners must decide what is next; retirement, pass the business along to another member of the family, or in the case of this longstanding New Paltz establishment, make way for new owners who have a connection to the community and the business.

The Bakery, New Paltz, has been sold.

New Paltz Staple 'The Bakery' To Change Ownership

Known for their delicious treats and of course their 'Night of 100 Pumpkins' event each Halloween, the Bakery in New Paltz has been a signature spot for 42 years.

We were interested in what makes a town become a community. New Paltz seemed so full of potential. There were plenty of great people, yet there was no place, no reason for them to find each other.

This is what David Santer, owner, began his note with when sharing the news of selling the popular New Paltz location earlier this week.

A community needs a heart, and at the heart of every vital living community is a place. A place where people can gather, put aside the concerns of work and home, and enjoy the pleasure of good company and lively conversation.

When they opened back in 1981, Santer was determined to create a place that people could gather, and where he could feed and future a community.
Facebook: The Bakery New Paltz
Facebook: The Bakery New Paltz
Now that he has provided that foundation for the past 42 years, it is time for him to retire, spend time with his grandkids, hike, bike, 'and simply pursue whatever sounds interesting each day.'

New Paltz Community Member Assumes Ownership of 'The Bakery'

In his farewell note, Santer shared the news that though he has sold the business, The Bakery will continue and have a bright future.  New owner Dawn Borrello has been a long time customer of The Bakery, and member of the New Paltz community for more than two decades .

She has coached youth sports for her children and their peers and has had administrative roles in our town recreation leagues. Dawn’s family has owned a business in New Paltz for over 30 years which she has helped to manage and grow.

Dawn plans to keep making all of the customer's favorite baked goods, retain The Bakery staff, and will make some improvements to the building, equipment, and even some additions to the menu.


Santer shared that he will do everything he can to support Dawn and the Bakery team to ensure the transition between ownership is a smooth one, and will still live in town.

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