People in the Hudson Valley and beyond may already be familiar with the name Hempability. Hempability is a popular online CBD store and now they’ve opened a brick and mortar shop at 8 Livingston Street right in the Village of Rhinebeck.

Hempability is a CBD shop that offers top of the line CBD products that are made on premises in their immaculate lab with hemp that is grown right here in the Hudson Valley. Hempability is NOT a marijuana dispensary. The products are made with CBD, not THC. That means you won’t get high on Hempability products, but CBD certainly has its benefits.

CBD has been great for me when it comes to dealing with anxiety, and it’s been helpful for my guitar player boyfriend who sometimes suffers from hand pain. If you’ve got pain, anxiety or insomnia, CBD products might work for you. And they might not, but it literally won’t hurt you to try. The worst that will happen to you is… nothing. The best that will happen is that it will make you feel better. And you will not get high.

The products at Hempability range from flower that you can smoke, to skin care, to tinctures and much more. Right now they are having a soft opening at their Livingston Street store in Rhinebeck, which means you may or may not catch them there. You can always visit their website. They are planning a grand opening on Thanksgiving weekend, so if you have someone that could benefit from CBD products you could start your holiday shopping. Wishing the folks ay Hempability the best of luck in this new venture. Here's a quick peek at the new store.

Popular Online CBD Store Opens New Shop in Rhinebeck

A Peek Inside Hempability in Rhinebeck

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