New data shows residents in New York have some major concerns about living in the state.

I'm not from New York so I'm not sure what it used to be like, but it does seem like life has changed a lot for lifelong New Yorkers. There are still people who love the state, but a lot of times New York is attached to something negative and residents have no problem voicing their concerns and frustrations about the state.

The feeling seems to be spreading from the Hudson Valley to the city and all the way upstate. It seems like that number is just getting bigger.

A recent study confirmed that people in New York are not too happy with how things are going.

How unhappy are people really in New York?

People have not been afraid to share their feelings. According to new data that was taken from New Yorkers:

  • Only 30% rate the quality of life as excellent or good (down from 50% in 2017)
  • One-third of New Yorkers rate the quality of life as poor
  • Only 37% rate public safety in their neighborhoods as excellent or good (down from 50% in 2017)
  • Households with an income over $200,000 remained the most satisfied

Side note: A lot of people who answered are allegedly from the city, but still it shows the general unhappiness of people.

Oh boy, no wonder people are not happy.

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Are you happy living in New York? Is there another state that you think is better and you'd like to move to?

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Here's to hoping we all find our happiness somewhere, whether it's in New York or not.

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